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"Some assume post-evangelicalism leads to wishy-washy obedience; I’ve found the opposite. With all this new theological freedom - more centered on Christ and more demonstrated by love - I’ve found myself experiencing a far more radical discipleship." - Bill, What's Rotten in Evangelicalism

We don’t write with glee about what’s rotten in evangelicalism. Everything we’re describing, we’ve been part of. This is us, repenting.

While I have plenty of baggage from [evangelicalism] to unload... To this day I love studying the bible, talking with people about Jesus, and spending Sabbaths in prayer and rest. I’m evangelicalish in so many ways, still. - Bill, POST EVANGELICAL: What We’re Bringing With Us

What does “post evangelical” mean to us? Here’s the first in a short series of joint musings. There is good we’re bringing with us.

People v. production - we make an effort because we love God and people, we don’t sacrifice people because we love looking like we made an effort.

We hurt our people when we insist they meet the expectations of the evangelical industrial machine, on production whatever the cost.

keep walking into the fullness of who God intended for you to be

“Is it ok to walk away from a toxic system or relationship?” Sometimes more than ok, it’s necessary. Featuring Rev. Riana Shaw Robinson.

Core values aren't an inspirational meme - they’re an honest, succinct statement of who we already are and firmly intend to become more fully.

If you don’t know what your community’s core values are, a great place to start would be noticing what you actually celebrate together.

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