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Simple, potent tools for leaders who want to create dynamic, empowering and collaborative team culture.

It's a worthy goal - and often hard to achieve! Transformational leadership training gets you there with easy to implement principles and practices that resonate with your deepest values.

Kevin's LEAD WITH Teams Story

Kevin's Not Alone...

What Other People Are Saying About LEAD WITH Teams:

“This one tool has already made the whole experience worth it.”

“Illuminating – LEAD WITH Teams has given definition to some ideas floating in my head and practical ways to implement them that work.”

“I wish I would have been taught these things before being given so much authority.”

These are people a lot like you, and LEAD WITH Teams brought them a clarity of understanding that quickly translated into real, practical change. Our transformational leadership principles and practices work!

Is LEAD WITH Teams Right for You?

It Might Be If You:

- hold any position of influence, from church to nonprofit, and you want the way you lead to align with your deepest values, particularly as a follower of Jesus

- love the idea of collaborative leadership, but don't feel like it's ever really been modeled or explained to you

- are so tired of leadership systems (perhaps ones you've helped create) that are great at either achieving their goals or caring for their people, when you want to do both

- don't have time or energy for abstractions that sound nice, you need intuitive tools and easy to implement practices that immediately generate positive energy and launch the slow but critical process of culture shift

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up for LEAD WITH Teams

- 2 suggested resources to get ready, mentally & emotionally, for the course

- 4 sessions that build progressively on each other to illuminate a highly doable approach to power sharing and collaborative leadership

- 6 downloadable, shareable leadership tools that simplify creating and working from a common mindset and vocabulary on your teams

- 8 teaching videos, totaling approx. 30 minutes for each of the four sessions, that you can watch whenever and wherever it works for you

- Guided reflection and interaction with the ideas of a diverse set of leaders, whether through an online cohort or through the bonus downloads and videos we created especially for the self-guided version of the course

The six TOOLS are key - they're visual, memorable and create shared language that positively shapes culture!


And Now the Good News About Our Prices

  1. Scholarships. We’re a nonprofit and able to fundraise to keep prices in the reasonable range. We can even offer generous scholarships to those who need them and let us know here! We don’t want money to be a barrier.
  2. Special Offers. We’ve been keeping prices extra-low in this start-up season, and you can still benefit from that! The first 100 people to sign up for the self-led version of the course will get it at a 33% discount ($59 v. $89). When those prices go up, so will the fees for our Zoom-based cohorts.
  3. Refunds. If you’ve made it this far, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that we’re happy to offer a 14 day trial period on self-led courses. If you are dissatisfied in any way during that time, you can email us to request a full refund, and we’ll issue it, no questions asked. This is a risk-free purchase.

Friend, if your head and heart are resonating with what we have to offer, you have so much to gain and so little to lose by signing up!

Choose Your Path*

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"Should I join a cohort or go for the self-led option?"

We'd suggest joining a cohort if you...

- want to meet and gain perspective from a diverse group of leaders
- prefer more verbal processing time and direct interaction with Brenna and Bill
- can commit to a regular meeting time for 4 weeks

You might choose the self-led option if you...

- tend to prefer learning independently
- have another group, like your team or a peer support group, taking it and processing with you
- know you can't commit to a regular meeting time for 4 weeks
Please don't let cost be a factor. We offer scholarships as needed.

"Should I take this transformational leadership training on my own or alongside my team?"

We'd suggest starting on your own if...

- you'd like to check it out first and consider if it's a good fit
- you could use a little space for self-resourcing & encouragement
- it's possible you might want to teach your team the concepts yourself later v. having us teach them (via the videos in our self-led packages or a cohort)

You might take the training together if...

- you haven't taken it yet and think it will work well to learn and process the material right alongside your team
- you have already taken it and want your team to learn the concepts directly from us (through a group self-led package or a cohort)

"What if I'm not the overall leader of my organization?"

It's more challenging to shift culture in your situation, it's true. But it's not impossible, and it's still worth it - for your own soul, for the people you do lead - to develop your transformational leadership skills. Start in your circle of influence, and watch the ripple effect begin.

- Please use the course PDFs generously in your leadership context!
- If you're interested in sharing the course videos or in more coaching to help you put the principles and practices you've learned into action, we hope you'll check out Alumni Support.

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