Alumni Support

Your initial training is done,
now the real work begins.

You have teammates to build into and empower - a whole organizational culture to build or to shift!

We know you can do it.

The simple but potent practices you've learned are easy to work into your regular team rhythms, and the course PDFs are yours forever to use and share generously in your immediate leadership context.

If you could use more support, from group access to our teaching videos to additional coaching sessions, read on!

Alumni Support: Options for Your Team

Option 1: A Self-Led Group Package

If you'd like to share the videos with teammates (v. teaching the concepts yourself), this is the option for you!

In addition, you'll be fully resourced to lead great conversations with downloadable reflection guides and suggestions for getting started. We even add an extra video to each session where Bill and Brenna share important discussion points that have emerged during their online cohort times!

This could also be an excellent conversational launch for a peer mentoring group.

Option 2: A Group Cohort Package

Get all the benefits of an online cohort, with the extra perks of experiencing it with your teammates.

We'd definitely want to talk more to figure out how to set your team up for success:
- Would you like to be mixed into discussion groups with leaders outside your organization, or would being more self-contained be more helpful?
- What size is your team? Should we consider setting up a cohort time just for you?

We're eager to talk more and explore the options.

Alumni Support: Options for You

Option #1: An Alumni Cohort

We'll offer 4 session, alumni support cohorts periodically, particularly when we're finishing up a new course cohort. These will generally be less content driven and more situational, tailored to the situations you're working through. Rates will reflect the more individualized attention we're able to give you in a smaller group.

Option #2: 1 on 1 Alumni Coaching

We'll do our best to be available to alumni for this 100% personalized support as needed. Just reach out and ask. Rates will reflect our full focus on you.