Small Church Big Table offers transformational leadership coaching for people who have a hunch Jesus-shaped spaces should look different, but aren’t sure exactly how.

If that’s you, we’ve been there. We’ll help you deconstruct toxic leadership styles and learn simple power-sharing practices instead. Collaborative leadership practices that align with your deepest values, and quickly begin to create more effective, inclusive teams and communities.

Small Church Big Table

New & Noteworthy

6 Week Cohort Beginning Soon. If you’ve been feeling stuck, unsure of how to help your community move toward LGBTQ+ inclusion, we’d love to help! Reach out for more info on our Spring cohort, meeting via Zoom.

New Blog! Dear Pastor, We get it – we lost half our church. Here are the top three reasons it was completely worth it and three next steps you might take.

Brenna Rubio and Bill White co-founded Small Church Big Table to offer transformational leadership coaching. In addition, they co-lead a small, Jesus-centered and radically welcoming church in Long Beach, California.

Brenna Rubio

The "quiet pastor" and Enneagram 1. A third-culture kid and feminist, she's been de- and reconstructing most of her life.

Bill White

The "loud pastor" and Enneagram 8. He started seriously deconstructing around the time his kids identified as gay.

What Our Colleagues Are Saying

About Small Church Big Table:

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Co-founder, Launchpad Partners, & Pastor, Cincinnati, OH

"As a church planter, non-profit leader, and woman pastor, I've learned the challenges of setting up healthy leadership systems and know how hard it is to build inclusive models that can truly allow the whole team to thrive. I'm thankful there are leaders out there like Bill and Brenna who are willing to lean into this difficult and totally worthwhile work. What a gift it is to have their resources, experience, and support as we navigate what it means to deconstruct power and share leadership in the church and beyond."

Andrew Nishimoto

Executive Director, Family Promise of the South Bay

"...it wasn't until I encountered and engaged with Bill and Brenna that the idea of 'partners in ministry' began to really make sense. Partnership wasn't just some word used to create an unhealthy hierarchy, but was a real goal to bring about equity and inclusivity and reconciliation."