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The world needs more vibrant, inclusive organizations, from churches to non-profits.

So the world needs leaders like you, committed to growing in emotional/spiritual health and collaborative skill. We're so glad you're on this LEAD WITH journey, and we're happy to help however we can.

Introductory Resources

To help bring this growing community together, we’re hosting a gathering for co-pastors to connect!

Take the quiz & dive deep into your particular Power Posture as a team leader.

"Wait, Are You Calling Me an A$$hole?"

Why we’re using this language and who we’re referring to. (Spoiler: we start by taking a hard look in the mirror.)

Resonate with this?

Guest Podcasts

So grateful for the friends who’ve invited us to have these thoughtful conversations with them!

Other Helpful Resources

Explore the current library and access new tools as they’re added.

We unpack the tools in our Free Downloads Library through our blog and our Youtube channel so that you can get maximum benefit from them.

For example, the Constellations of Mentors tool was introduced in the video below and two blog posts: Three Myths of Finding a Mentor (+ One Bonus) and Introducing the Constellation of Mentors.

Let’s be honest – sometimes we need that space more than another how-to!