Introducing the Constellation of Mentors

One of the three big myths about mentoring is that we each need just one mentor. It’s so much wiser to think of needing a constellation of mentors* who help us move forward in different areas of life! In this short video, Bill White explores some of the different kinds of mentors we need to connect with in different seasons of life, particularly as leaders who carry so much power to either bless or burden the people around us.

AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT: For some of us, reflecting on these different types of mentors can bring a real sadness because of how difficult it has been to find mentors – how unhealthy cultural norms and toxic organizational structures have prevented us from connecting with the mentors we’ve needed. We hold and grieve this with you.

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* The image of a constellation comes from Bobby Clinton’s Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need To Succeed in Life.

Free Constellation of Mentors Printable

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