Big table coaching
Big table coaching mission: Learn concrete practices to share power & LEAD WITH.
"Shared leadership is a hot topic these days, but few people have years of practice sharing power like Brenna and Bill. I’m excited to learn from them and to see others dismantle toxic power structures with their help!"

Who Big Table Coaching Serves

Our transformational leadership coaching is oriented toward those in faith-based organizations, like churches and non-profits.

You may find you resonate and benefit from Big Table Coaching, though, if you’re in any position of influence and you want the way you lead to align with your deepest values, particularly as a follower of Jesus.

What Big Table Coaching Offers

Our coaching services reflect the options we wish we'd had much earlier in our own leadership journeys.

So few of us are taught the leadership skills we’ll need before we’re handed responsibility, and whatever leadership training or modeling we are offered tends to veer into either a heavy-handed hierarchy or, quite frankly, ineffective chaos. Big Table Coaching changes that!

There is a better way. We can learn to be clear and caring, effective and mutually supportive.

We can learn to


Interactive Webinars & Downloadable Leadership Tools

Free Resources: Authentic Leadership

To help you begin moving in a better direction, we offer:
- interactive webinars
- downloadable leadership tools
- Youtube coaching
- and a blog full of tips and stories.


Course Description

Lead With Teams: Choose Your Path

Learn more about our signature LEAD WITH TEAMS course.
Build a collaborative, generative, transformational team culture.

- Join a coaching cohort or choose a self-led package.
- Start on your own or with your whole team.

We make it easy for you to begin your LEAD WITH journey!

Alumni Support: Exponential Change

How do you take what you've learned, put it into practice in your circle of influence, and watch the ripples spread?

With leadership tool PDFs in hand, you may have all you need to begin building or shifting your team culture. That would make us so happy!

If not, we'd love to support you. Let's talk.

What More Colleagues Have to Say

I want to learn from people who've been where I am, hit the hard stuff, and worked to get to a better place. So I'm beyond excited for Brenna and Bill to be able to share and encourage others. They're the real deal - authentic and smart. Funny and kind.
I've been in ministry for years, and as a seminary student and a church planter, Bill and Brenna have helped me reimagine what the church can become. A place where deconstruction, doubt and faith can all work together to produce a deeper, authentic, and healthy kind of spirituality.
Gene Quiocho
Chaplain, Corinthian Hospice
Seminary Student, Azusa Pacific University, CA