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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The costs and benefits of holding your particular Power Posture as a team leader,
  • Common emotions and motivations underlying that stance, and
  • A simple but effective approach to trade destructive patterns for ones that build up and create potent team culture.

Before You Begin:

  • "How long will the quiz take?" 3-5 minutes, max.
  • “What if I’m not my team's leader?” No problem, you have two options depending on what you want from the quiz. You can (1) take it as if you were, to understand your own leadership style better, or (2) take it from the perspective of the current team leader, answering the way you think they would or should answer, to understand your current team culture better.
  • "Should I answer based on what I wish were true or what I think is actually true?" Your results will be more helpful if you stick with the actual rather than the aspirational! Even if you're imagining yourself as team leader, try to imagine realistically, based on other situations you've been in.

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Setting the agenda and tone for team meetings is:

Question Image

The phrase you’re most likely to say during team meetings:

Question Image

What the folks you supervise tend to bring to one-on-one meetings with you:

Question Image

When it comes to your team’s top priorities:

Question Image

On a bad day (and of course you have good ones!), your team might describe your work culture as:

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If they could vote anonymously, your team would pick this as its motto:

Question Image

If your team continues as it is now, in a year you’ll have accomplished:

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