The story behind our new neighborhood coffee shop, Wrigley Coffee, illustrates the beauty of partnership, community and shared power.

How do you explain the bible and its interpreters, all the filters layered over it, to a 73 year-old gay witch sitting down to take a read through it for the first time because she’s curious about Jesus?

I had refused to talk about the bible with our neighborhood witch, but she wore me down. When we met again, I came with a stack of bibles and an even bigger stack of reservations.

Ari was proceeding like a normal witch attempting to read the bible and find Jesus, unaware that she was leading her local pastor on a spiritual journey all his own.

Deconstructing evangelism – how do we interact in healthy ways with those curious about Jesus? Part 1 of Bill’s story, with full permission and editing by his conversation partner, who describes herself as the neighborhood witch.

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